Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Five months old..

I cant believe my peanut is 5 months old (five and half) already!! I know I am little late at posting this but better late than never, right?? Matthew is still wearing 3-6 month clothes and probably weighs 13 pounds. I still swaddle him, he breaks out when he is hungry but never fights going in it. He looks so cute in it, my little pea in his pod, ha! He still sleeps in our room because Cade is not ready for the toddler bed and its just easier for me to get him when he wakes up (only once a night) to just feed him and put him back in the pack and play. That way I dont have to get out of bed. He is still the sweetest little guy, he loves watching Cade and is reaching for toys and enjoys playing on the floor. He can roll from his stomach to his back and has almost mastered back to stomach. His smile melts my heart and is such a charmer!! Gosh I just LOVE this boy!! He has started to eat cereal at night and only at night!! The reason for this.... I tried giving it to him in the morning and it resulted in him not wanting to eat for 5.5 hours. I was in pain!! I let him splash in the pool today and he loved it. Cade kept bringing him toys and he really liked it. Cade is such a great big brother and loves Matthew so much. I think they are going to be best friends!!

Cade wanted to help :)

 Cade has been talking about the "potty" so we thought we would get some training underwear. They are sports themed of course... I could just eat him up. He is getting a nice tan too :)
I am going to get better about taking more pictures... WE have just been way to busy! I am ready for some down time but with two boys... not likely!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

This past week...

PaPa giving Cade his first golf lesson

Trying it on his own

Happy Birthday to my dad!!! We love you soooo much!!! He wanted help with his candles and Cade was more than willing :)

Matthew was keeping his eye on that cake

MJ is already big enough for this. My baby is getting so big

I forgot to do his four month update.... Here is my boy! He weighs 12 pounds and is in the 4%. He is still the sweetest boy and LOVES his mommy! He is goes down around 9 or 10 and sleeps til about 6 or 7. He is such a great sleeper and takes a long nap while Cade sleeps and little naps in the morning and evening. He has discovered toys and his toes. He loves to watch Cade and laughs at him ALL the time. Matthew has the sweetest laugh and it fits his personality. Tiny and little laugh just like him. Have I mentioned how much I love this boy??  

Friday, May 4, 2012

The BIG 30!!

My dear husband just turned 30! When April came around Matt started to tell me how he DID NOT want to turn 30. I for one thought it was no big deal...turning what?? But to to him it was very sad to leave his twenties. Matt kept asking me "What is so great about turning 30?" Of course, at first, I would give him smart answers just to pick at him. But then I started to think about why I am not dreading turning 30 next year.... I AM SO HAPPY WITH MY LIFE!! I am married to the most awesome man and God made him just for me, I have the most amazing boys that I am completely in love with, I have  the best friends and family in the world and I am in love with Jesus more than I have ever been! Are you kidding me?? Who wouldnt want that?? In fact, a childhood friend of mine and I made a time capsule when we were 19. We wrote down what we were doing during that time and what we wanted by the time we were 30. Honestly, I cant remember exactly what mine says but I look forward to reading it!! So, I decided to get Matt a special gift to make the day more memorable. I made a reservation for him and his friend Kevin to fly a plane (with a pilot) at the Air Force Base the morning of his birthday. Matt was SO excited and had a blast, so did Kevin. And Matt got to fly the plane for a bit. He flew all over Charleston for about an hour and he is said it was amazing!! I of course asked him to take a picture and he didnt. Kevin did but I havent gotten one yet. But he had fun. Then we had a small party for him that night and here are the pics....
 Cade was SO excited to sing happy birthday. In fact, we have been singing to everyone he loves since then
 My mom got him carrot cake, his favorite.
                                                                  The Kinards

                                                  My amazing family of four!!!

I love you Matt!! You work so hard so that I can stay at home and raise our boys and I am so grateful. I get to do what I have always wanted to because of you!! You always love me no matter what and I am so blessed that God brought us together. I pray that our boys turn out to be as amazing as you!! I pray that your 30's are the best years of your life!!! I love you so much!!!