Monday, May 23, 2011

Georgia makes me smile

Matt, Cade and I just went to Georgia for a few days to visit one of my best friends!! This was our first road trip as a family and we had a blast. Melissa Y and I met 5 and half years ago when she was looking for someone to babysit her son CKY. I almost turned down the job offer because I was busy with the other families that I worked for. But for some reason I decided to call her and go meet her family. I really liked her and I decided to give it a try. I first went a couple days a week for a few hours and it was so much fun. I took him to the park and music class and gym class and we went for walks and bike rides all the time. Then, Melissa got pregnant and had to go on bed rest. So I came more often and helped out a little more. When CKY would take his naps I would watch Oprah and read magazines with Melissa and we became fast friends. Then when her husband finished his residency as MUSC they moved back to GA. I was SO SAD!! But then I would fly there every 3 or 4 months to visit and she would come back for some time during the summer. And of course she came for my wedding. Then when she had her third boy, WSY, he was really sick and was in the NICU at Grady Memorial, I went there to help with the two older boys! I would have flown anywhere to be with her and help her during that time. That is what friends do, right! Melissa asked me to be WSY's godmother and it was such an honor to be asked!! Now that we have Cade my traveling plans have changed but we knew this would be a great trip. And it was!!!! Cade did amazing in the car and was such a trooper.
We went out in the boat and had a blast. Cade loved it!! We went to the Atlanta Zoo and I think his favorite were the giraffes! They were pretty and were moving around. The pandas were so cute but they just stayed still the majority of the time we saw them. We let Cade pick out a stuffed animal for his first trip and he picked a cheetah. HA! I tried to change his mind a few times but he had his mind made up. We also played at the house a lot in the sprinkler and Cade and WSY played naked in the yard. They were so cute and happy to be in the nude. I got pictures because Cade even drove his car naked, HA! I must say, he has the cutest bottom I have ever seen!! We are back now and I am staring at a huge pile of stuff that needs to be put away but I wanted to share some of our history with the Yarbrough's and why they are so special to me!!! I love you guys and thanks SO much for a fabulous weekend!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Easter Weekend

I know its late but I wanted to do a post on our Easter weekend. It was full of fun things and time with family. Saturday, Cade and I, along with the ladies in my family, walked in the Easter Promenade with my grandmother. She is in the Hat Ladies of Charleston and every year they walk in a parade. I walked in it a couple of years ago wearing platforms and a cute dress and hat. It was fun but my feet HURT so bad when I was finished. This year I was lucky to find my hat, have time to put makeup on in order to be downtown by 9:15. We made it and my grandmother was thrilled to show Cade off. He did great, sat in his wagon with his snacks and waved and smiled at all the people lining the streets. There were actually more people there than I thought. Here are some pictures from our day.

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We walked in the parade, took lots of pictures and then Cade got to have an egg hunt. Once he found two he was happy and ready to go home! We had a blast!!!

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