Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Guess what??!!!!

After three days of being at home and some hard work.....CADE IS POTTY TRAINED!!!!!!! Hooray!!!!
I decided it was time because he was aware of what he was doing so I decided to go all out to get this task nailed!! So off to the dollar store we went and I picked out some prizes and Friday morning when he woke up, I showed him all the goodies and he was motivated!!! The first two days he had a few accidents but he is officially trained!! He went to school today with no accidents and then after naps we made a Target run and played at the gym and guess what....NO ACCIDENTS!! He tells me when he needs to go and it has worked!! Here are some pictures of what I did for the big 3 days....
Cade got to choose which he wanted after going...
Then he got to pick a sticker and add it to the chart

This table was a great motivation for him!!!

Of course he wanted the balls out of Captain Crunch cereal instead of cheerios! And we dyed the water to make it fun!!

Here is my big boy!!!

And cant leave this cutie out!! He was a good sport the whole time :)

Monday, January 28, 2013


I have been meaning to post some pictures of Matthew tearing into a cake for his birthday... Here you go...

 It was fun celebrating our boy even though we didnt have a real party! Cade had fun too getting into the cake with Aunt Teresa!!
We did finally get to go to the doctor for Matthew's 12 month even though he is 13.5 months. So he weighs 19 pounds and that drops him to the 14% for weight! He is average in height and head circumference. He cried from the moment we walked in the door, screamed if anyone touched him and while getting shots!! Holy Cow I'm sure everyone knew we were in there. We did get some news about Matthew but I will wait and share that another time. Hope you enjoyed the pictures...He is such a sweet little boy!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

December Update

 Following Thanksgiving was my sister's wedding...Rosa became apart of the Oswald family and we are thrilled to have them as part of ours!!

Our family keeps growing :)

Me and my boys!

Two of my favorite guys

Love this guy


Matthew turned one shortly after Rosa's wedding...We never got to have a party but we did let him have a cupcake at my parents house and Matt and I took MJ and Cade to the children's museum and to see the lights. Here are some pictures from the weekend...

Me and the birthday boy

We let him drive, it was his birthday afterall :)

Matthew loved riding the merry go round

Always has a tongue out!!

Love this boy!

Just to share a bit about Matthew for his birthday...He is a SPUNKY little boy with a loud voice!! If anyone has been around him you can agree with me. Matthew knows what he wants and if he doesn't get his way he makes a scene!! He throws his hands up, the vein in his neck pops out and he starts shaking... Have mercy all I have to say about that!! He loves to eat, although he isnt a breakfast eater. We are lucky if he will eat a banana and that is ALL. Other than that he doesnt refuse much when it comes to food. He is not walking yet but keeps up with his brother pretty well because he will crawl anywhere (dirt, rocks, gravel, grass). His favorite show is Curious George. We think its because he relates to being a monkey because he is one :) He likes to build with blocks, blow bubbles, and get into EVERYTHING!! He does not sleep great at night but we are working on it. He is wearing mostly 12 month clothes and is still a peanut weighing in at 19 pounds. We sure do love this boy!!! What a blessing he is to our family..

Right around Matthew's birthday..our family lost a dear lady, Aunt Joanne. We grew up going to her house downtown and she would come to dinner at my parents house all the time. We would go over there often as well because she told great stories and could make us all laugh. Cade loved her and she will be greatly missed!!
Aunt Joanne is wearing white (The parade wont be the same without her) 
We did go see the lights a few times because we had a few passes and the boys really LOVED it!!

Ok well I will update Christmas Day another time... This is a long post!!