Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy 3 Months

I cant believe it but Matthew is 3 months old!! WOW!! He is just the sweetest baby... I know all moms usually say that about their own so thats ok but really... he IS! My little peanut weighs 11 pounds and is now wearing 3 month clothes. Size 3-6 is still to big. He still has a good bit of hair which I am hoping stays. I just love his sweet smile and he has become very observant. He loves watching Cade and has really enjoyed riding in the Bjorn facing forward. He loves watching it all then crashes. He sleeps really well at night and usually only gets up once around 5 or 6. He has recently been going longer but my body isnt used to that so we are having some issues. He is still being swaddled and sleeps in our room. Cade moved out when he was 3 months old bc he was breaking out of the swaddle but my peanut never tries too and really likes the bassinet unlike his older brother. MJ is very good about going with the flow and is just happy most of the day. He is now on meds for acid reflux and that has helped tremendously with our nights. One thing I am thrilled about it the fact that he loves reading books just like Cade did. I can usually read about 5 books to MJ before he even makes a squirm. He just stares at the pictures and sometimes talks to them. His eating hasnt changed much either, still nurses a total of 10 minutes sometimes less then spits up the next 1.5 hours. It just blows my mind the difference in my boys. I am grateful for the birth order, the Lord knew!!

Here is Peanut at 3 months

Pure sweetness if you ask me!! We are in the St. Patricks Day parade tomorrow so this is the attire for peanut and he just looks adorable in it. Pictures to come from that :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

My heart

...Just melts when I see this face!!

...soars when I see the love between my two boys! so thankful for a wonderful husband who will do most anything to make this boy laugh!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Family Time

Family Time...arent those words special?? Growing up, we had lots of family time. We would go for bike rides, dinner time, playing outside, family vacations and of course watching our shows (Dr. Quinn, Christy, Early Edition and ER). I really cherished those days and since Matt and I have started our own family, I cherish it even more. If you know us, you know that sports play a huge part of our life. Cade LOVES anything with a ball, seriously, he is constantly thinking of new ways to incorporate basketball and football with everything else. For example, he likes his fireman hat so he puts that on to shoot his ball and will chase the ball riding his little firetruck. That boy makes me laugh!! So... we have lots of family time at the gym. Matt will call us when its not busy and tell us to come up and play. Man does Cade get excited to go see daddy at the gym. So today, we enjoyed some family time at the lovely gym...

Matt teaching Cade how to shoot properly...and what almost 2 year old would care?? Cade, that's who!!!

Bend your knees...

Hold the ball like so...

Nice follow through!! HAHA

Peanut hanging out watching his big brother

Mommy helping Cade shoot on the big hoop.

Yes...this is how we spend family time together! Well, at least today it is. I love to do things that make my boys happy and well this is it!! And I must say, I love seeing Matt play with Cade. They have so much fun together and it makes my heart so happy. We finished the night off with $5 burritos from Moe's and we just had a blast. Cade loves him some queso!!