Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I just want to start by saying how important sleep is to me... I love my sleep. Cade slept through the night at a young age and it was interrupted when he got ear infections (six), RSV, Hand Foot and Mouth, stomach viurs and a few common colds. HA! Poor buddy, he seriously caught everything in his first year of life. Tubes really helped!! So by the time Matthew joined the Kinard crew we were all used to sleeping through the night. Matthew was such an easy baby, he slept through the night very early. He really made having two boys really easy!! He is still such a great little guy except for sleeping at night. I think we are up against some issues.... He loves his mommy so much that he is already having trouble leaving me. The past couple of Sundays they have had to come and get me because he was SO upset that they couldnt calm him down. Also, Matt and I left him with a close family friend and he had a freak out session with them. He definitely likes to have me in his sight that is for certain!! So due to the fact that we have two bedrooms and no closet space, Matthew is still sleeping in the pack and play right next to our bed. Cade is not ready for the toddler bed so he is still in the crib. Therefore, I think Matthew has become aware that I am right there next to him and he prefers it that way. He likes to make sure I am there7 to 8 times a night!!! Yes and that is not exaggerating!!!  In fact when I was telling Matt about our night, I told him it was a good night because he only got up at 2, 4, and 6. HA!! Needless to say at 6:00 AM I had no more energy to fight with him and I put him in the bed with us. Of course, as soon as I did that, he cuddled right up to me and slept til 8.
With all this said, he is cutting teeth and I really wish those little teeth would just come through already!! I am tired most days and I am just praying for some more sleep for MJ and I. We shall see...
I dont really have a place to put him and let him cry it out so hopefully after his teeth come in he will sleep better and we can eventually move the boys into the same room. On a side mom and I just got their room all set up and it looks amazing!! Pictures to come soon :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Welcome to July

Here is what we have been up too in the lovely month of July... We went to the beach on July 4th with the Giordano's and had a blast. It was so pretty and the kids had fun too!!

 Sweet friends Eli and Matthew...I dug them a hole and they had fun playing together.
 Firework show that night...Matt was a little tired haha, so was Matthew, so they hung together :)
 Cade enjoyed watching them with his Sweetie!!
 He put on Daddy's shoes because he wanted to go to work with him..
 This is sweet Luke!! Matthew's newest buddy... He is so cute and sweet. We love him!
 Best buddies Micah and Cade... Notice Cade's face (this is how he gets when I pull the camera out, Sweet)
 They usually end up in their diapers and then nothing...haha! No pictures of that :)
 Ha...well this is Cade riding the dragon in the nude!
 Ending it on a sweet picture of those precious legs that belong to my peanut.  More pictures to come :)