Monday, August 27, 2012

Cade and Updates

My sweet son Cade is so much fun!! He keeps us laughing and on my toes daily!!! I keep thinking that I need to write down what he likes and doesnt just so I can remember so I thought I would do that on my blog. Cade is 2 and half and he is just a ball of energy. He still loves to play basketball and baseball but has picked up a new favorite hobby...being a referee. I guess going to the gym all the time he has realized how much fun it is to blow the whistle and run up and down the court. Now you would think that just blowing the whistle would be enough but he also has picked up some phrases like.. "Out of bounds," "Foul," and a couple more. It makes me laugh when we go up to the gym to see daddy and he instantly asks for the whistle (because I made a rule that they stay in the gym and dont come home with us) and he tells me to start running and I end up running up and down the court shooting layups while he runs beside me critiquing my every move. The other night at my game one of the refs who I have known for a long time gave Cade an official whistle!! OH MY!!! He was thrilled and ended up blowing it in the game and stopped the play, ha!! At least everyone laughed and didnt get mad at us.
Cade has slowed down on eating but loves yogurt, all fruit, hotdogs and chicken. He will eat steak and pork chops that my dad cooks on the grill. And he loves cheese. He enjoys getting things out the refrigerator by himself and for that reason I think a lock is in our near future. He LOVES to play outside and therefore we try and leave the house once a day to do something outside. Inside he likes to shoot on his hoop, play with blocks and climb on everything. Cade still LOVES Matthew and will give him toys and play with him. He hates to see MJ cry and usually makes me get him if he starts. Cade has started a new love and hobby and its for music. He asks to play my moms guitar everytime we are at her house and he plays it a few times. He plays and she sings. He also noticed a trumpet and has been trying to play that as well. My mom has even taught Cade the name of each guitar string. He cracks me up!! I think a guitar will be on his Christmas list.
Cade has slept two nights in his toddler bed but has decided he wants to move back to his crib. Not because his brother is in it now but because he just likes it. SO...we are going to borrow a crib for Matthew until Cade is ready to move out. I am not pushing it because he doesnt climb out and goes to bed willingly.
On more of a "boy" note...Cade has noticed that his bodily functions make him laugh and he loves to do them often! Today is the day that the paci is going to be restricted to the crib only. I am tired of having to find it and he doesnt need it so its in the crib to stay. He has asked for it a few times but I tell him where it is and then distract him.
Promotion Sunday at our church happened last week but with us dedicating MJ Cade didnt stay long. Well this past Sunday the teacher had to pry him off of me and he screamed at the TOP of his lungs!! Oh my all the teachers including the childrens director heard him and it was quite embarrassing when they realized it was Cade. Change has never been a strong point for him and I am anxious to see how school will do. I will warn his teachers and just pray he does ok! We shall see!!
Every night when I put him to bed we read a bible story and he loves naming the men in the bible that he knows.. Joseph, Peter, Jonah, Noah (his favorite) and Jesus. Its so sweet to see him soaking up all that I read. Then I sing 2 sometimes 3 songs and then we pray. He is so sweet and likes to pray for all of his favorite people. It sure is a sweet time and I love it!! Then when I walk out the room I tell him sweet dreams and that I love him. He says it back to me and we end up saying "Love you" about four times. Are you kidding??!! I will stand at his door all night to hear him say those sweet words!!  Oh how I love this boy!!!

On Cade's horizon... Potty training!!! Stay tuned :)

Here are some pictures from the past couple weeks!!

 We went to Greenville to stay with my brother and his wife Stephanie!! We had a blast and Cade loved being with them!
 Uncle Joe and Aunt Stephanie took us to play putt putt and Cade did great!!
 Uncle Joe celebrating Cade making the putt!
                                                                    I love these two!!!
                                                              Family picture

                                                                      Sweet Cade

 On the bridge in downtown Greenville.. the guy cut Matthew out of the picture
 Haha it was so much fun watching Cade feed the animals

 Cade enjoyed feeding the baby peacocks too!
 Cade loved hanging with Uncle Joe
 My brother distracted the geese by running with their food so they would chase him and not Cade! So sweet :)
 We went on the Safari ride and that was really cool
 Chase and Timmy came over to play one day with us and the boys had a BLAST!!
 Look at those mischief faces..
                                                                Jumping on the bed
                                                                  Timmy and MJ

                                                   Bath time is always fun with a friend

Thursday, August 23, 2012

He's trying...

Matthew has decided that he is ready to move!! And when I say move I mean GO!!! My little guy is such a sweet heart and I love him to pieces. He has recently started showing off his personality and he can be very LOUD. He also grabs anything in his reach and will not let go. So if that is your hair then sorry because the boy has a grip on him. He always has to have his hands busy. So he now plays with my hair or grabs hold of the back of my hair and just starts wiggling those little fingers. Its pretty sweet!! As I type this, MJ is in the swing trying to fall asleep and his arms are just a going. His eyes are closed but his hands just keep moving. I have been saying for a couple of weeks that when he can figure out how to crawl I am in for it. Cade never got into much... I didnt have to put safety things on cabinets, doors or put away things that he could break. (Now is a different story though). But Matthew just has a look in his eyes that lets me know he is ready to get his hands in everything he isnt supposed too! So here are some pictures of Matthew tonight trying to figure this whole crawling thing out..

He is SO funny and stinking cute!!

I will keep you posted :)