Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Cade

I have been wanting to do this post but we have just been SO busy. In the last few weeks we have had two weddings (one here and one in Indiana), Easter, Cade turned 2, friends came to town, we went to the mountains and finally we are HOME! Whew....
With that said... I think its time to do the post for my boy Cade.
I cant believe he is 2!! Where has the time gone?? When I think back it makes me smile at how much God has blessed us with. He knew the perfect child to place in my arms two years ago and I am so thrilled He did. Cade is such a fun kid. He has grown to LOVE sports and if you know him you can say this is true. He learned to dribble a ball at 19 months old and hasnt stopped. He loves playing baseball, throwing and catching the football, reading books, and pulling and pushing anything. His favorite shows are Curious George and Thomas. He loves to snack so I have to be careful or he wont eat his meals. He loves to have grits in the morning and usually a hotdog or chicken nuggets for lunch with yogurt and string cheese.
He sleeps great and is still taking a 2-3 hour nap each day (Yay)!!! He still loves to be on the go.... He loves going to the park, play at the gym, go to the beach or just be outside. He falls and gets dirty all the time and the one thing I love is that when he gets hurt.. mommy's kisses make everything better!!! He wants me to kiss all his booboos and then he goes away fine. HA! However, if they leave a scratch, he will make me kiss them everytime he notices them. Its hard when we are in the car and he looks at his knees and legs and starts showing me all the places I need to kiss. Oh how I love this boy!
Cade is so sweet to his brother. He LOVES him so much that he doesnt like for most people to hold him except Matt and I. He has made a few scenes displaying this. Speaking of showing off his little self...he is now starting to declare his opinion on things and when he doesnt get his out!! We are trying to mold him into the boy God wants him to be and its taking a firm hand (or spoon) to direct him in the proper way. I have talked to many people about how to do this properly and it comes down to Cade getting spankings. I am sure everyone doesnt agree with this but Matt and I have decided this is what is best for him and our family. We have based this on scriptures we have read and believe (Spare the rod spoil the child.)
Since Cade is really really into sports and loves to be at the CBC gym, we decided to have his party at.... the CBC gym. It turned out great and was really fun. Here are some pictures from his day!!

Chips and dip, pizza and drinks! Easy :)

Cade sitting with the girls he loves!

Cade playing ball with his buddy Chase

Shooting some hoops with his "bubba" Ben.

And the Bowicks finally arrive..

Our basketball theme... My lovely sister made the cupcakes and the hoop for Cade's donut

Time to sing and he LOVED this part..look at that expression!

He sure knew what to do next..

Rosa got him a donut from Dunkin because they are the only ones without egg. He was excited to have something sweet that was "Cade approved"

A shot with our birthday boy!

Cade loves Reid... he thinks he lives at the gym.

Jen and Will (MJ's friend)

Russ and Naomi ( MJ's friend)

My adorable husband :)

Chase and Eliza showing Cade the best way to open his presents (since they already turned 2)

Cade loves his Thomas book!

We had fun celebrating with all our friends and family. We are so blessed to have such wonderful people that love us and our boys.

Happy birthday sweet boy!!! We LOVE you so much and are so blessed to have you as our son!!