Sunday, January 15, 2012

I'm Back!!

So now that I have my blog back... I want to introduce our new guy!!! Meet Matthew Joseph....

My first picture of Matthew and I!! I am in LOVE.

The day we came home :)

The first time Cade asked to hold him. This was our second day home and Cade has loved his "baby" ever since!! We prayed for this..

Merry Christmas!!

Mommy and Daddy got this for Cade. He shoots in his hoop everyday!!

Our first family photo of 4.

Matthews first bath and he loved it! Cade cried but Matthew loves his bath.

I love this face. He is ONE month old already!!

Cade tends to smother his baby brother but it is pretty sweet!!

I will hopefully get back into blogging but man is it hard to get much done with 2 little boys who need their mommy all day long. I never thought I could love another baby like I did Cade but I was wrong. I love Matthew just as much.. He is such a sweet baby. Very laid back and go with the flow kind of baby. Which is nice since Cade likes to be on the go all the time. Matthew is sleeping ok at night, I usually get at least a 5 hour stretch which is good for a one month old. He weighs 7.12 pds (60%) and is in the 99th % for height.