Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Swamp

My brother-in-law owns about 600 acres deep in Walterboro and invited us out there this past weekend. Saying we had a blast would be an understatement!! The weather has been amazing in Charleston and the chance to spend a few days in the outdoors was exactly what we needed. My boys LOVE to be outside and we had a blast!! Here are some pictures from our weekend..

These birds rest here every evening and it was fun to watch thousands fly here!

They sure do love each other

Cade was calling the owls like Uncle Brooks does

Getting ready to spot the alligator in the pond down the hill

He found him!

Cuteness ready to get into something..

Had to find a stick like his big brother

Daddy was cutting the grass for Brooks in one of the fields by the house

And since it was a tractor, Matthew wanted to ride!

Mini photo shoot on the tractor

You think he knew what to do..

And you wonder why this boy has my heart!!

Sweet cousins

Running to ride the gator golf cart with his tractor

Morgan picked beautiful flowers and made a bouquet

The house Brooks and his dad built

Brooks took me riding through the swamp and I had to take this shot! It was so pretty!!!