Sunday, November 20, 2011

Duck Tales

This past weekend was so pretty and Matt and I took Cade to Hampton Park. Cade is now really into animals and the sounds they make. He knows the cow, bird, dog, cat, horse and duck (maybe more) and their sounds and he loves to say them over and over. We sing "Old MacDonald had a Farm" a lot these days! So we took some bread and went and spent some time walking through the park.

Yes, he let them eat it out of his hand!

Pointing at all the birds.

I LOVE this picture! I felt like a photographer, ha!

It was so pretty :)

Running after the birds...sadly he never caught one.

Update on Matthew Joseph...he is still enjoying his stay in his mommy's tummy. He is comfy! I am 36 weeks and ready ready ready!! My belly just grows daily and my lower back is the constant reminder of that. And not to forget that Cade has no idea why his mommy is slowing down and why he cant sit in my lap anymore, ha! My hands and feet are swollen daily, especially in the morning and at night. Today at church I had to take my shoes off because the swelling was bad. At least I havent had anymore comments about how big I am. I think I have gained around 20 pounds and that is a lot less than I did with Cade. My doctor said that she will induce me on December 14 if I havent gone into labor yet. I am praying I go before that but knowing me I probably wont!

I know I forgot to do a Halloween post so here are a few pictures of my little lion that night...

PaPa and Sweetie's house was our first stop

Oh and we took Cade to his first Citadel football game. He loved tailgating and was so tired that he sat in my dad's lap and fell asleep and we got to stay until the third quarter. It was so much fun and Cade loves football :)

Its the week of Thanksgiving so I will be taking lots of pictures, I hope! And of course, I will enjoy eating Turkey :)