Saturday, May 18, 2013


Nothing better than some pictures of some cute boys...

Cade LOVED his first trip to the beach this year! He RAN the whole time!!

Cade and Chase

Pretty Eliza

Sweet Will

I love this beach boy!

We spent the May 15th with Micah to celebrate him turning 3!!

So we brought doughnuts and they were a little excited!!

Singing to Micah

Happy birthday Micah!!

He LOVED his doughnut!!

Best buds

Matthew tries to keep up with the big boys playing hoops

Love these two wild boys

They are usually pretty busy..

Give these boys some water and they are entertained for hours..

Sweet Luke

 More pictures and updates to come :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Swamp

My brother-in-law owns about 600 acres deep in Walterboro and invited us out there this past weekend. Saying we had a blast would be an understatement!! The weather has been amazing in Charleston and the chance to spend a few days in the outdoors was exactly what we needed. My boys LOVE to be outside and we had a blast!! Here are some pictures from our weekend..

These birds rest here every evening and it was fun to watch thousands fly here!

They sure do love each other

Cade was calling the owls like Uncle Brooks does

Getting ready to spot the alligator in the pond down the hill

He found him!

Cuteness ready to get into something..

Had to find a stick like his big brother

Daddy was cutting the grass for Brooks in one of the fields by the house

And since it was a tractor, Matthew wanted to ride!

Mini photo shoot on the tractor

You think he knew what to do..

And you wonder why this boy has my heart!!

Sweet cousins

Running to ride the gator golf cart with his tractor

Morgan picked beautiful flowers and made a bouquet

The house Brooks and his dad built

Brooks took me riding through the swamp and I had to take this shot! It was so pretty!!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

One, Two, Three...

That is how fast Cade's three years of life have gone! Way to fast!!! I cant believe my baby is 3 today. Last night I was remembering how this boy came into the world and what a wonderful experience it was for all of us!! Just a short recap... I went into labor around 5:30 pm on March 27th at my parents house. We were invited over for a nice steak dinner. It sounded like a wonderful idea because my sister and I spent the whole day cleaning my house top to bottom. However, Cade decided it was time to make his debut. I started having contractions sitting in my dads recliner and I didnt say a word! HA! I wanted to be sure before I said the words.. I AM IN LABOR! Matt finally noticed that I was tense and hadnt moved in a while and I remember looking at him saying " I think I am having contractions and they are 5 minutes apart!" All I can say is everyone went into baby mode and we realized we were headed to the hospital that night! I however wanted to wash my hair because I remember seeing my friend Julie's pictures after delivering her babies and she always looked beautiful! I was chubby and not cute but I made my sister wash my hair over the sink in my parents kitchen while having contractions to try and help me look a tad better for after baby pictures! I labored all night and at 6:52 I delivered Cade with Matt, Rosa and my mom helping me all along the way! It was one of the best moments of my life!!! God was amazing and it was just awesome!!! I had so many visitors which I loved and I have been hooked on this boy ever since!!!
Cade is a fun boy!!! He LOVES all sports and everything about them! He can throw a football better than me, hit a baseball with daddy pitching (he does not use the tee), of course he loves basketball and wants to ref games like his daddy! He also loves playing the guitar and singing songs and beats the drums as soon as he is done! He can go from music to sports and right back!! Cade LOVES anything to do with the Citadel bulldogs. My parents took him every home game last year and tells my dad everytime he sees him that "football is over" and he is ready to have it back. He attends preschool and has fallen in love with his teachers, finally! He likes going now and really enjoys telling me all he does at Cade's school. He is a decent eater and is officially potty trained! He loves animals and we have taken him to the zoo a few times. Cade has some really great friends and he considers his favorite friends to be Chase, Eliza and Micah! He prays for them and talks about them all the time. He is a wonderful big brother and Matthew thinks Cade is pretty great too! Playing outside is a must for this boy and he is def made for the outdoors.
I am so very thankful that God blessed us with Cade. He brings so much joy to our lives and I love spending every day with him!!! My prayer for his life is that God would use him in a great way and that Cade would give his heart to Christ and live for Him everyday!! Happy birthday my sweet boy!!!!
His first day home!
Micah and Cade enjoying a picnic at Waterfront

First birthday party with our friends Melissa and Micah

Family photo on his birthday

Cade and Chase when they turned one!
2nd birthday party..Chase and Cade love bball
Family photo at Cade's 2nd birthday
I had to add this photo of his sweet friend Eliza

We will be celebrating these two boys turning 3 in a week!!!

Get ready...they are pretty great boys!!

Happy birthday to my sweet boy Cade Kempson Kinard