Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Monday

We decided that we needed a camera since I lost ours. Matt was very sweet and started looking online for a good deal and we found one and got it!! I am so blessed that my husband understood how much I needed to have a camera with all the memories and exciting times coming up in our lives...what with a new baby arriving in 6 weeks and the holidays! Here are some shots of Cade just playing around with the camera. I am pleased :)

Happy Monday!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011


WOW!! I cant believe it has been a month and some change since I have updated my blog. We have been busy that is for sure! Lets see... I am 32 weeks pregnant and ready to meet my sweet wiggly boy. I have gained 18 pounds but I am NOT going to post a picture because I have been told by way to many people that I am huge and am I sure that I am not having twins. Since this is my second pregnancy I expected to gain more weight than I did with Cade. However, contrary to what people, some that know me and some that dont, have said to me I have not gained nearly as much as last time. Probably due to the fact that I am chasing a toddler that doesn't know the meaning to the word sit or stay still. He is a ball of fire and busy busy and I wouldn't have it any other way.
I will say that my back hurts more (Cade does weigh 28 pounds) and my hands and feet swell way more this go round. I spoke to my doctor about how I am ready now to have this baby due to feeling this way and lack of sleep and she assured me that this is all normal for a second pregnancy with an active toddler. Great!!! Ha
Cade is now 18 months!! My boy is growing up!! He weighs 28 pounds, is wearing 24 month clothes and is becoming very independent. He likes to feed himself, get his own toys, walk up the stairs and tries to walk down and his vocabulary is really coming along. His new words are hotdog, doggie, cat, duck (with the sounds they make), RoRo (my sister), Clifford, bird, tweet tweet, Tay Tay ( his crush) airplane and a few more that will come to me later I'm sure. It amazes me everyday when he says a new word. I must admit that I am having a hard time accepting him growing up. Matt has become his new buddy which is really sweet and he loves time with his daddy. Along with him growing up, we have began to see some new behavior with him. Lets see...he will try and hit when he doesnt get his way and he has learned the lovely new word "NO!" Yes, my sweet boy likes to tell him mommy no!! Lets just say that Matt and I are working on this everyday all day and I carry a wooden spoon in my purse. Cade def knows what it means when I pull it out and we are grateful for it being effective most times. Of course, we still have issues but we are learning and he is learning how to obey his mommy and daddy! We end the "learning time" with a prayer and he is so sweet about that. He prays before he eats, after time out and getting spanked! We are trying to teach him how Jesus wants him to act and it will work, hopefully, haha!!
Matt, Cade and I just got back from vacation!! We went to the mountains for 5 days with some friends from our church who have kids Cade's age. It was absolutely beautiful and it took my breath away everytime I saw the different colored trees. We went to Sky Top Orchard and played in the playground, rode on a hayride, sat on tractors, visited all the animals, walked through a bamboo trail and got apples. We were exhausted when we left. We went to Asheville and visited Black Mountain. We had a great time and the reason I dont have a single picture to show is because my camera has disappeared. I cant find it anywhere and this makes me SO SAD!! Cade is in the habit of throwing anything in the trash and I am not sure if that is what happened or its just missing. We dont have a large place which minimizes hiding places and I just cant find it. We were blessed that we went with friends so I will get pictures from her :)
After the mountains, we spent a couple days in Myrtle Beach with some of our other friends who had a house in a nice community on the beach. We rode the golf cart to the beach each morning and yes Cade played in the water (yes it was cold). He fed the local ducks and visited them daily. I got a girls shopping day at the outlets and the boys hung out at the house and watched football. We played putt putt, not really fun for Cade yet, went out to eat and hung out at the house. I was ready to come home and get back to our routine. I think Cade was too! Matt probably could have stayed on vacation for much longer because he has a busy season right around the corner called Upward.
Since we have been home, we caught up on laundry and have hung out with our friends and family! We went to Legare Farms on Saturday with friends and had fun and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Once again, no camera, but a friend took a couple pictures so hopefully we will get those from her!! I thought Cade would love the cows since he finds them neat but he did not like them charging the trailer and their long tongues. He was a good sport and didnt cry but just clung to me like white on rice. HA!
So right now, I am sitting typing all this and hate that I dont have one picture! I will soon because a camera will be coming as an early Christmas present since I love to take pictures and it helps me remember all we do and have done!
I will update soon and hopefully have pictures! Cade is going to be a lion for halloween so that is def picture worthy... :)