Saturday, September 29, 2012

Matthew at 9 months

Well..... lets see.... it is kind of late but I need to do this so I dont forget... My little man Matthew has turned 9 months and is changing so fast. Now he crawls to get wherever he wants (under the stairs, under the swing, getting caught under the recliner) and gets mad if I redirect him. Yes, Matthew has formed his way of doing things and started to well lets just say, express himself. That is what my dad calls it!! He can yell at the top of his lungs and command everyone's attention in the room. He pulls up on whatever he can reach and tries to keep up with Cade. They still love each other to pieces and Cade really tries to play him these days. I think they have to most fun in the tub together splashing and laughing the whole time. His sleeping habits are a little different than I would like to them to be.... He will no longer go to sleep by himself without crying. But if I lay with him and he can play with my hair then he is happy! Remind you of someone??? So we have decided to set the pack and play in our room again until we can get him sleeping through the night. It worked last night and it is the FIRST night in about 2 months that he didnt sleep in our bed. Can I just say how more rested I felt today than I have in a LONG time??!! Matthew is wearing size 3 diapers and mostly 6 month some 6-9 month clothes. He weighed 17 pounds at the doctor and is in 18%. Love this peanut!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Matthew's Dedciation plus some more

Matthew is 8.5 months old and so we decided it was time to dedicate our boy!! In church, we believe in dedicating babies to the Lord and Baptism for when they can make a decision for Christ on their own. I picked the weekend my grandmother was getting married so that my family would be in town for it. It was a CRAZY busy weekend but fun!! Here are some pictures from my grandmothers wedding and then Matthew's dedication...
 Matt and I outside the church, I wanted to take a picture in front of the church because we were married here too! Matt wasnt thrilled but he smiled for me :)
                                                      My sweet cousin Caleb and I
 The beautiful couple!! Meet Clarence Derrick and Rosie Derrick. They met in college over 50 years ago and went on a date but decided to be friends. 50 years later they met at their college reunion and Clarence pursued her for a year and half. He is 80 years old and she is 79. Dont they look amazing!!! They are so excited and giddy for one another. We are so happy to welcome him into our family!!
                                                           My cousin Megan and I

 Our sweet friend Kevin G. dedicated Matthew!! He is on staff at our church with Matt and he and Matt have become great friends.
 Family photo. Of course Cade wouldnt smile but thats typical for him but the rest of us are happy :)
 Our sweet boy Matthew Joseph!! Oh how we love him and are so blessed that God gave him to us!!
The family that came to the dedication. My family (minus Josh who had to leave for work) and the Pettus crew (my moms sister and family). We love all of you for coming to this special day!