Monday, September 19, 2011


I just want to open this post saying that I LOVE being a mom! I really think it is the greatest thing next to having a great husband and giving my heart to the Lord. With that said, having Cade sick this weekend has been SO hard!! I am used to my little man running all over the place, jumping around, being loud and eating. Friday, he came down with a fever. It came on so fast that it was scary! 102.7 scary!! I called Matt and we gave him medicine and thought it was teeth or something. Being up all night with him crying uncontrollably was so hard. I do not like not being able to fix my baby's problem! Saturday, we went to my parents to get out the house thinking that would make him happy. He cried on and off all day and that night was my sister's 30th birthday party. We didnt get to stay because he got worse. Another night of no sleep was ahead of us and we decided to go to Peds Plus Sunday morning to get him checked. They "checked" him and said it was probably just a virus of some sort and to keep giving him meds as he needed. Well after another rough night and Cade waking up with 102.8 temp we went to see our doctor! We love our doctor!! He is a friend as well and its nice to know that he is always there by phone or visit. So he checked Cade and found ulcers in the back of his throat. YUP...we have another version of hand foot and mouth!! The good news is we are on the better side of the slope since the hard nights are behind us. I told Matt that if I would have found out on Friday what we were up against, I would have cried right there. Cade had this last winter and it was such a hard few days! Not to mention I am almost 7 months pregnant and holding a 27 pound boy can be straining on your back (side note).
Last winter, which was our first with Cade, we caught everything. 6 ear infections led us to tubes, RSV, Hand foot and mouth, pick eye, the lovely stomach bug that he and I had, and a few common colds. It was a rough winter for us! I am praying that we have a better cold season especially since we will be welcoming our baby boy soon!! Please pray that we will get well soon and have our fun boy back soon!!
I will say I am thankful SO thankful for Matt!! He helped me the whole weekend, stayed home from church and was up all night with me splitting shifts and constantly trying to help with everything!! I love him and I love that he loves Cade and I so much!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Boy have we been BUSY....

In the last month I have had a couple different blog entries that I never got to write out. Then I look at my blog and realize it has been a month since I even updated it. Since we found out about baby #2 being a boy it seems like life has been in fast forward for us. Good thing I have my camera because to be honest, that is how I remember what we have done. I am sure there are some things I missed but for the most part it should update you on our happenings!!!

Cade had his first hair cut, well really a trim, from the barbershop where daddy goes! He did great!!

Hung out with our cousin Noah at a family dinner.

My brother, Joseph got engaged to Stephanie!! He took her out on the boat and proposed. It was so sweet and he had her family come down from Indiana to surprise her!! It was so much fun and here is our family after they came off the dock. They had quite a greeting :)

My mom made these outfits for Cade and Morgan. Dont they look sweet!!

Matt and I took Cade to Chuckie Cheese for the first time. We went right when they opened and there was NO ONE there!! It was great and he had so much fun. He was a little nervous about the band but liked it after a while. He liked going down the slide, we probably did it about 17 times.

Of course his favorite thing to do was the basketball goal. Are you surprised?? He is getting a pretty good shot..

Gosh I love this boy!!

He enjoyed the roller coaster too! Matt and I are training him for our first trip to Disney :)

Climbing up the slide is another favorite of his..

We played in the rain that Irene brought! He loved it. I feel like he is loosing his baby fat and looking thinner here...

Touching the rain..

We celebrated my moms birthday!! She is the best mom in the world and Cade thinks his Sweetie is pretty awesome too!!

Labor day weekend my parents took us for a boat ride. My mom got his these cool shades and he thinks he is a big boy!

My cool little blond boy!

We let him go swimming in the creek before we went back to the dock and he loved it.
This updates us to our first weekend in September. We did tailgate at the Citadel but I didnt get any pictures. It was fun though!!
Cade and I had our first day of preschool at CBC. He did great and it warmed my heart to know he didnt cry the whole time. I think he is getting used to the classroom and that mommy comes back for him. I guess since I am pregnant I am a little more emotional about leaving him when he is upset. So church has been harder for me because I hate the thought of my baby missing me. I am sure that sounds crazy to most of you but that is how I feel. So today when he didnt cry it made me feel so good! Of course I was across the hall with 15 three year olds and boy was my day hectic. I came home and we both took a nap! I am sitting here with my feet up because I am exhausted. I hope next time it wont be so long between my updates :)
Oh and baby Kinard is a mover! He loves to kick his mommy especially after I eat chocolate. I cant believe I am 25 weeks. In fact, someone asked me the other day how far along I was and I couldnt remember. I guess that is what having a 17 month old will do to you. I love it though!! Matt is doing great, busy but great and making time for Cade and I so no complaints here!!